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We Dine Together is  a Student-Led Movement

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Educator, civic leader or non-profit leader nominates a student to become a Be Strong Student State Representative and the founder of their school's WDT

The nominator will receive a confirmation email with next steps. Following a short qualifying interview, the student will be formally asked to step in as a Be Strong Student State Representative & the founder of their school’s WDT family.

3. Get Started

Student Representative identifies four founding members in four key areas - arts, athletics, academics & diffabilities - to start the group.

4. We Dine

The group meets twice a month in the host/sponsor's location during lunch or other available flex time. Be Strong Student State Rep leads the group in 4 key areas: resilience training, acts of kindness, advocacy, and awareness!


Join Our Growing Family By nominating a Student to Lead Inclusive Change!

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